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Palermo Square was a very exclusive place...

If the success of Ondestorte at the end of the seventy years was under everyoneís eyes, none immaginated that Ondestorte not only have a big present but was intraprending a very long career, with a big future, duty probably to the fact that none of the protagonist has never considerated Ondestorte a seroius thing.

Ondestorte reach the top of notoriety end incontrollability in 1984. Radio Liguria Uno was trasferited from the istorical location at Righi Castle in the center of Genova taun, in Palermo Place. Here we register the maximum quote of fans that attended the conductors of the program in the place under the Radio station before the direct brodcasting. The conductors and the management, very democraticaly, make the people entry into the radio permitting to everybody to cry his desperate desease and deficient delirium on air. Incredibily, also this format had success, considerating thet the listeners of Radio Liguria Uno were encrising everyday with the replies end the monday evening, when Ondestore was transmitted in direct, pratically all young people of Genova Province was sinthonized with Liguria Uno.

...but they were forced to stay into a bog

We mast record that the three cretins conductors were also the voices of quite all the personaggs of the transmission. (Erasmo, Scognamiglio, Toyota, Galup, Burlando Parodi, Indro Carburi end meny alters are all realized by Scatolone, and Flacca, Felix, Nepenta, Krossky Scrotoff, Klaus Koriza e Lapio Bidetti are by Fine Dicitore) They were sometimes coadiuvated by alters cretins of their entourage. In the first period this other cretins were Gioele, Quezzy Joe, Bertini, Omar Ciume that contributed to a various zoo of misandersuded monologues at the microphone. But the great success and the consolidated end certificated ďformula Ondestorte" started whith the arrive of other three great personaggs: They were Pedro Feroci (who also impersonated Daniele Tombi, Mago di Posillipo, Jerry Marsala, Mago Ormond, Maestro Elah), Claudio Fraudolento and Quaxo Bombalurina.

The contribute of the three new cretins brought new linph in the Ondestorteís blood, rafforcing the quote of delirating paronomaxious dirty surreal language.

Ondestorte's ketch at Moldavia's Cup

In this period the protagonist of Ondestorte receive some invite fron other radio but they are good people end prefer not inculate Radio Liguria Uno, besides none that RL1 permitted a total freedom of ideas an language.

The succes was incontenible. The telephon lines were everytime occupated. Many pizzerys and bars ascoltated and want to sponsorize Ondestorte, inviating into the radio every sort ov Godís good. The entourage was extended to people of any kinds: proud students, pushers, art directors, artists, delinquents, perverted girls, clowns, brokers, contractors, musicians and body hammers. Fans were all around in the transmission room, in the office, on the stairs. The system was incontrollable.

An Historical photo of the staff
at Ace & Flanaghan, Toronto 1985

In summer 89 Ondestorte was pratically sommerged by his own fame. The power of the ascoltators, always present in the transission end always more and more ululating, trasformated the program in a collective mediatic psyco-therapy but this process happened without a doctor, and the result was a very special variety of entropy. By the grace of God Almighty and the pressures of the psychiatric services, the management decided to take a pause. In 90 years Ondestorte was broadcasted only with registered tracks but not with a real direct space. Is of this perio a real market of clandestine registrations and all tracks privately recorded by fans. Ondestorte was in catalexis but not dead. The members of the program partecipated to meny public happenings and take part in various audio and video productions (see celebrescions and publichescion).

In 2000 the editor Le Mani pubblicated a book to celebrate Ondestorte, with a cd allegated. The book went to robe and in two months was praticaly exaurite.

Onde's limusine parked into
Queen Elizabeth's garden, Westminster 2005

Said in this wey seem that is all roses and flowers but we mast remark that Ondestorte had also many dectractors end enemis, beginning with the Orderís Forces that have interrupted many times the brodcasting. Many ascoltators besides telefonated insulting an minaxing, end the habitants of the palace which allocated the radio tried sometimes to beat the conductors, always fortunately escaped from many risks, withtoken the demolition of the door of the radio station with a baseball bat. They survived.

In 2001 Radio Nostalgia offered to Ondestorte the gestion of "Albume" a series of small intervents in the mattutin contenitor. Also in this case the gradiment was ecceptional.

In 2002 Radio Genova Sound engaged Ondestorte for a reprise of the direct, but in 2003 they return at Radio Nostalgia, a very big and important radio, that finally offered the monday evening to Ondestorte. Here they were affidated to the cures of Grimaldi Il Magnifico, director and demiurg, but all summed a good man, and crazy enough to sobbarc this trip without return. From 2002 Onde is living a new, great season.