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Plastik Nerkia exibiscion at
Medison Square Garden, Manesseno (Ge)

Ondestorte's celebrity travalicate the eight continents and like other great brands have a long palmares of events which celebrate his magnificent asinine thickheadness.

Cups, medals and dyploms are not counted. Round Ondestorte gravitate a galaxy of groups divulgating Onde's philosophy.

Voce Misteriosa, voice and sax of Plastik Nerkia,
reveals an exibitionist character

In firs plane a musical complex: the Plastik Nerkia, wo realizated many sountracks for the transmission. In 2000 Plastik Nerkia publicated an original song; "Pollution in the Night", which was inserted in the Ondestorte CD published by Le Mani (Genova Recco). Onde has realized also many video: the most important is "Profumi e Balokki" played by the No Keyboards group (another rock band of the entourage, featuring also Rovetta Brothers and Mattew Sambuca Molinari) and mixed at Musiquarium. The creativity of Ondestorte appears also in the advertising images, curated by Ace & Flanaghan, a great advertising agency which support the transmission.

The book of Ondestorte

The members of the program partecipated to meny other programs, in tv set too, guests of Carlo Trapani and Roberto Trapani, but with covered faces.

They partecipated also to some audio production of their friends Buio Pesto.

Ondestorte's people partecipate with brief comparison also in the films of Buio Pesto "Invaxon - Alieni in Liguria" and next "Capitan Basilico". They partecipated also in concert and production of their friends La Rosa Tatuata, and created fumet strips with the brand Ondestorte on "Mazurka" magazine.

In 2000 The editor Le Mani pubblicated a book on Ondestorte, with a cd allegated. Ondestorte was silent from more of three years but the book (not a very large tirature) went to robe end in two months was praticaly exaurite.

The monument of Pienzo Rano

We mast remember that in 1999 Ondestorte celebrate his official twetennal, and the book was a tribute to this great farm of good humour. The presentation of the book happened in Triccheballacche, a trandy local near Monumental Bridge. It was a meeting very special with hundreds of fans crying: "again! again!". This fact give a new impulse to the staff: in fact from there restarded a new great season that brought Ondestorte on air again.

Advertising on AMT, our favorite
middle of transport

The great Architect Pienzo Rano has suggested to dedicate to Ondestorte's return a great monument in the public gardens of Domodossola perifery (see rendering), but the progect is not still presented to the authorities and Rano has become a banana eater.

But not only great names celebrate Ondestorte: millions of ascoltators daily organize themselves in fans club, rave parties, doggy orgies, fart competitions, food fling meetings dedicated to Ondestorte.

The message for the next millennium

The t-shirt with the logo of the program today is a cult, and people wherever in the world make themself photographated in the most strange landscapes with the black indument which testimoniate the belonging to this heroic group of dull and cynic people in a world becoming day by day more and more intelligent and carefull.

A Cosimo Caccavella masterpiece

In 2000 Ondestorte was on Radio Genova Sound: A great advertising campaign promoted the transmission with an image that become a cult. Corns become for two years one of the most sygnificative brand characters for Ondestorte. Since 2000 every italian driving a car is more favorable to show this simpatic symbol of friendness an universal peace. For this reason great sculptor Cosimo Caccavella detto O'Manzo dedicate to Ondestorte his great statue denominated "a'scurnacchiata", a symbol of straith against sfigue. Onde's management suggest to Caccavella that the balls touch should be more efficace, but Caccavella answered that he likes fike, and fike has no balls. For this reason the subject of the monument is a woman. Otherwise the absence of fike is the best sfigue.