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The Sperone Castle incombing
over Ondestorte's career

At the end of 70 years in a smol tawn of Liguria called Genova ther was a simpatic radio with many ascoltators: It was called Radio Liguria Uno. The radio was allocated in a historical place on Genova hills, into an ancient house full of phantoms from the near Sperone Castle. This radio trasmitted, among meny alters, a program conducted by a very special dj called Voce Misteriosa. The title of the program was "Musical Extravaganza". It was full of music tu mach intelligent and very very intellectual, as Septober Energy, Perigeo, Van Der Graaf Generator, Area, Capability Brown, Soft Machine. Groups as Genesis, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dreams or King Crimson werw reputated by Voce Misteriosa laik easy listening end were brodcasted only occasionaly.

Giving the microphones to Ondestorte,
Buratti made a jump into empty

As you can comprend, this trasmission was adorated by three or four cultors of strange music, but was a very great scassament of balls for the majority of the people.

Otherwise you mst consider that Voce Misteriosa was tu match intelligent for the Italy of that old times, were the priorities were make politic casin into the universities end the middles superiors, do meny spynels, someone also pears, but overall for the boys try to fuck the fike, and for the girls destroyng masculin attitudes or negating the fike very suspirated by a person for moths and months end after, in few days, giving the same fike to the first coming in the holidays.

In this desolated landscape Voce Misteriosa met Martin Putilatta. Martin Putilatta was and is a great scientist, Chef of Sarkiapone Laboratories and Researches. He conquered the Nobel Premium for the Fisics for his theory among the relation between black holes and the Homosexuality of Universe. Putilatta is also the foundator of Spitlogy, a new science analizing spit trajectories and deducing from them the destiny of Universe.

The Nobel premium Martin Putilatta
influenced Voce Misteriosa

Voce Misteriosa was influenced by the theories of the great scientist and recalled the two more stupid among all his friends end asked them to give a hand in the transmission with some simpatic intervent, destinate to allegerite the ponderous cultural content of Musical Extravaganza.

They accepted end partecipate. The gags have a discrete success.

Giampiero Buratti, the padron of Radio Liguria Uno, asket to this three people to create a small, divertent trasmission. They answer yes. Voce said: "we'll call it Ondestorte".

In novembrer 1978 starded the first sperimental pointat of Ondestorte, conducted by Voce Misteriosa coadiuvated by Scatolone (that was a parody of Barattolo, the most notorious dj of Liguria of all the times) and Fine Dicitore (who was pretending of be the impostated voice of the program). From 1979 Onde become a regular transmission. They introduced a circus of demential gags, bizzare personaggs, rubriks at the limit of the absurdity. It was an immediate, fulminating success. Thousand of students of Liguria, from Savona to Sestri Levante decorated their zainetts whith the sentens of Ondestorte.

The deficents which foundate Ondestorte

The frases of the personaggs were ripeted everywere end meny boys, prevalently sfigated, ascoltated the program in direct by night in the car, smoking cans end laughting very much. The three conductors of Ondestorte introducted meny personaggs originally inventated end recitated in direct without proof. The risult was very grunge, sometime mistaked, but exilarant end very godible.